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We build and launch functional and captivating user experiences for your website.

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Export Accelerator’s Web Engagement Management strategy banks on the importance of making an eye-catching website without compromising its efficiency and ease of use.

We do not call ourselves a web development company but an extension of your web strategy team who can also execute on that strategy. Hence, we’re not limited to web development alone, ensuring we focus on functionality before form.


Web Design and Development

Export Accelerator’s dedicated team of web designers and web development experts have years of expertise under their belts. Since we are platform agnostic, we build your website by recommending the most relevant platform that is best suited and the current stage of your online journey.


With the social media landscape continuously changing, it’s vital that Social Commerce strategies adapt to these changes. Businesses or organisations that can’t adapt to these changes will be left behind in the race to promote and sell their products or services.

Export Accelerator believes that all campaigns should have well-thought-out, effective strategies in order to succeed. It’s the “skeletal system” of the entire campaign.


Every Social Commerce campaign must have in its arsenal a great content production team composed of copywriters, designers, photographers, and animators who are well-versed in the latest trends in social media.

Export Accelerator has an expert team of Content creators and designers who will help build your brand’s creativity and trendiness.


We cannot discard the fact that “paid social” still works like a magic—advertisements and paid partnerships with publishers and distributors are still necessary.

Export Accelerator has partnerships with various distributors and publishers to make sure that advertisements and promotions that build your brand reach the maximum target audience at a very affordable cost.


It’s essential that all campaigns are closely monitored to see if adjustments or improvements can be made to make sure that they always run more effectively and efficiently than the nearest competition.

Export Accelerator puts emphasis on project management, influencer management, and community management and has designated personnel who will schedule posts and report on its status and reach.


Export Accelerator’s dedicated team of WordPress developers have years of expertise under their belts. Since we are platform agnostic, we build your website by recommending the most relevant platform that is best suited at the current stage of your online journey.


We have also helped create, design, and optimise websites and apps using the Adobe Creative Cloud. We have used this time and time again for our app engagement.


We have helped small to medium-sized businesses and global enterprises create exclusive Magento websites, re-platform their current Magento instance from M1 to M2, develop full-cycle services from conceptualisation to development and integration.


Need help with your eCommerce needs? Worry no more. Our teams also specialise in creating an eCommerce website with Shopify.

Custom Websites

If you’re just on the hunt for someone to design a custom website for you, our expert team is eager to help you move your plans from the drawing board to the computer or mobile device screen.

Website Testing

Export Accelerator’s expert team can conduct website audits to assess functionality, compatibility, security, usability, and overall function.

Web Support​

We also offer bespoke website support to you and your marketing or IT teams as a managed service through our own, or a client advised ticketing system. Typical support plans are based on the number of FTE’s needed on an account and include:

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