App Engagement

For a marketing campaign to truly succeed, you will need to either optimise or upgrade the apps you’re using to facilitate Digital Commerce with your target audience.

What is app engagement?

App engagement is characterised by a set of metrics that measures the interaction of users with a certain app. It is the level and quality of interaction between your clients and the apps they use to view or purchase your products and services.

Mobile App Design and Development

Export Accelerator has a team of mobile app designers and developers who can work with you to create the most ideal user experience when your customer interacts with your brand via an app. We will help you turn your ideas into reality, from the drawing board to the mobile device.

The Best UI + UX

We believe that a simple, efficient, and easy-to-use UI (mobile app) will always result in a positive UX (user experience). This is our fundamental approach when building apps.

Loyalty Programs

Export Accelerator will work with you to conceptualise and develop your mobile app Loyalty Programs to ensure that you attract, retain, and grow your customer base.