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Our advertising audit has helped sellers globally to improve their advertising performance on Amazon without all the geek.

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How do I download the reports?

1. Log in to your Seller Central account and, from the main menu, navigate to ‘Reports’ and choose ‘Advertising Reports’.
2. Click on ‘Create Report’ in the top-left corner of the page.
3. Depending on your advertising campaigns, select either ‘Sponsored Products’ or ‘Sponsored Brands’ for the report type. For the specific report, choose ‘Search Terms’ or ‘Targeting’ as required, as shown in the screenshot below.
4. Click on ‘Summary’ and adjust your reporting to the desired timeframe.
5. Click on ‘Run Report’ in the upper-right corner, and the system will generate a customized summary page for each report.
6. Return to the main reporting page by clicking ‘Reports’ on the upper-left corner.
7. Locate your newly created Search Term/Keyword Targeting report at the top of the list and click on the download icon. Save the report as an Excel file.