Managed Services for Amazon

Enhance your eCommerce potential with Australia’s official Amazon service provider.

Why choose us?

Export Accelerator understands that winning on the Amazon marketplace for Brands, Retailers, and Resellers relies on several variables and the journey to clinically address these variables can be overwhelming.

As a service provider for Amazon, Export Accelerator provides end-to-end support through your Amazon journey.

At roughly fifth of the cost of an in-house Marketplace Specialist, our data-driven Managed Services for Amazon helps drive sales, revenue, and a reduced Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) with a dedicated Account Manager assigned to your business.

What we offer

Dedicated Account Manager

Our Account Managers sit as an extension of our clients Marketing team. Accessible via phone, email, text, and Skype, and mapped to the client’s local time zone. Also, your dedicated Account Manager has a daily focus on optimising your ad campaigns on Amazon’s primary advertising channels.

Sales Performance Strategy

Showcase your brand along with the product listing and increase the buyability of your product.

Performance Reviews

Weekly, end of month, in-person, or phone meetings to review campaign & sales performance, pricing & inventory recommendations, insights, and finalise the next 30 day plan.

Sponsored Brands

Your dedicated Account Manager certified in Sponsored Ads on Amazon develops and creates weekly Sponsored Brands Ads when applicable.

Sponsored Product Ads

Sponsored Product Ads offer the best sales-per-click. Your dedicated Account Manager certified in Sponsored Ads on Amazon  develops, creates, and manages your Sponsored Product Ad campaigns.

Product Display Ads

Your dedicated Account Manager develops, creates, and manages your Product Display Ads — that reach your target audience when they search for relevant products on the Amazon marketplace.

Some of our other services that are a part of our Managed Services suite for Amazon:

  • Account Setup
  • Brand Registry
  • Gating / Ungating Issue management
  • Product suspensions
  • Image Optimisation
  • Listing Optimisation
  • Pricing Insights
  • Competitor Insights
  • Subscribe and Save recommendations
  • Lighting Deals, Coupons, and Promotion Management
  • Creating a Brand store, A+ Content, Virtual Bundles
  • Reviews and Seller Feedback Management
  • Vendor Central Managed Services 
  • DSP