Seller Support

Being approved to sell on Amazon does not mean you’re done worrying. Amazon’s compliance monitoring can impose restrictions on your account even after you’ve registered and have sold products already! Not knowing the right ‘what’ and ‘how’ can result in product suspensions and even seller account suspensions. This means you’re not just losing hours and days invested in getting up and running on Amazon but you’re risking $$$ in inventory, listing optimisations and traction that you’ve built for your product and brand.

Quite often, sellers are clueless to understand the root cause that lead to the suspension or restrictions. Moreover, a restricted or suspended account is deprived of reaching out to seller support to gather clarity.

At Export Accelerator, we acknowledge that it’s hard and, in some cases, hard for brands and sellers to stay ahead at all times. Our deep domain experience can help you prepare and act in an effective and timely manner to prevent your brand and products from being impacted.