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Harnessing the eCommerce Gold Rush

Since mid-2020, there has been a seismic shift in the adoption curve of eCommerce. And, in the years to come is it going to be rarer to identify any facets of trade in an offline-only manner. As businesses have begun to embrace eCommerce, it is becoming increasingly clearer that the only ways to compete better as a business would be to evolve and at the very least, adopt a hybrid online business model.

Express your interest for a 5-part interactive and actionable workshop across multiple locations in Queensland that would enable you to harness this eCommerce Gold Rush to do better online, both locally and/or internationally.

We workshop will cover:

  • an understanding of the current eCommerce environment
  • eCommerce strategy development – which products to sell? where to sell? how to fulfill?
  • setting up your own eCommerce platform – which platform should you go with? getting started, support and resources available
  • how to leverage online marketplaces as a sales channel to scale your business
  • skipping the learning curve of advertising and selling on an online marketplace
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Workshop 1

An Intro to Ecommerce
Understanding the eCommerce environment
In the modern, globalised world it is more possible than ever to launch a brand or product into new markets through eCommerce. You don’t have to be a large enterprise to tap into global markets, through the power of drop shipping, global logistics and internet sales. We will walk you through:
  • The Global ecommerce landscape
  • The impact of COVID-19 on eCommerce exports from Queensland
  • The US eCommerce market overview – QLD brand case study
  • What does eCommerce look like for businesses?
  • The different models of eCommerce
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Workshop 2

eCommerce business model canvas
Your strategic blueprint to winning at cross border eCommerce

Time to draw from your knowledge and research so far and apply these learnings to launching in a new market. Start by first validating your product and the opportunity to develop an eCommerce framework as part of your Go-To Market plan.

  • Market entry eCommerce strategy development
  • Product Validation, which products to sell, where to sell
  • Global transaction processes, payment processes (platforms) and order fulfillment
  • Regulatory requirements and risk associated with doing business in different countries related to eCommerce (case studies)
  • Supply chains, packaging and labelling as part of eCommerce in international markets (determining the right sales channel)
  • Your marketing mix
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Workshop 3

Choosing the right eCommerce platforms for your business
A deep dive
Be better informed of the myriad of eCommerce platforms out there and the benefits and pitfalls of each option. Post this session, you will learn about setting up an eCommerce platform that is most suited for your business at the current stage of your eCommerce journey. In addition, we will also touch upon:
  • Getting started: which platform should you go with?
    • Logistics
    • Product placement
    • Inventory Management
    • Pricing
    • Marketing and promotion
    • Backend
    • Costs
We will further dive into building your own local cooperative eCommerce platform, and setting it up independently. By understanding how each of these environment work, you will be able to assess the framework, costs and opportunities, and find the best fit for your business.
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Workshop 4

Scaling your eCommerce business
Leveraging global online marketplaces for new market launches

Using the US market as an example, learn from Australian businesses that have successfully launched overseas by tapping into an online marketplace like Amazon and have reduced their time and cost to market entry. In this workshop, you will learn:

  • The Opportunity on Amazon
  • How have Australian businesses succeeded in selling on Amazon – Case study
  • Getting started and selling on a global online marketplace – Walkthrough on setup
  • Your eCommerce marketing and promotion strategy
  • Social media influencers in-market
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Translation
  • Engaging in-market consultants
  • Aftercare and scaling customer support
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Workshop 5

Is your business ready?
Putting it all together

This workshop will involve mapping out an actionable plan for your business.

The workshop will cover:

  • Analysis of your business eCommerce capability
  • Discussion on what steps you need to take to be ready for your desired market/markets
  • Developing your plan for eCommerce in their business and determining the right sales channel
  • Available grant programs to enable you to get the best outcome for your business
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