Product Listing and Optimisation

With over a third of all eCommerce sales in the US alone attributed to Amazon, being discovered by shoppers on the Amazon marketplace is more a science than an art. As a seller, you would be competing with hundreds (if not thousands) of other sellers offering an exact, similar or broad match of the product you intend to sell on Amazon. That’s where adopting Amazon SEO best practices comes in.

A high-quality, and keyword enriched product listing is highly favoured by the Amazon search engine.

Amazon’s A9 / A10 search algorithm takes all of the following into consideration when determining product ranking for a given product search.

Primary Variables

  • Sales Performance History

  • Text Match Relevancy

  • Price

  • Availability (In stock performance)

Secondary Variables (Help Influence PVs)

  • Fulfillment Method

  • Images

  • EBC / A+ Content

  • Advertising

  • Promotions

  • Reviews (number of reviews and review score)