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Introduction to Amazon Live: Revolutionising Shopping with Live Streaming 

Reading Time: 10 minutes

What is Amazon Live? 

In the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape, Amazon Live has become a game-changer, transforming how brands connect with their audiences. 

Take Maybelline as a prime example. They’ve seamlessly integrated commerce and content by hosting a makeup tutorial featuring popular beauty influencers. 

Over 50,000 enthusiastic viewers tuned in to watch the live tutorial, forming a virtual community of makeup enthusiasts. 

The outcome? 

There was a significant boost in Maybelline’s makeup product sales, highlighting Amazon Live’s role as a powerful tool for engagement and conversion. 

This case study illustrates the platform’s potential to not only showcase products but also create immersive, interactive experiences that resonate with audiences and drive business success. This article explores how Amazon Live is redefining online engagement and helping brands reach new heights. 

Guidelines for Streaming on Amazon Live 

The Best Strategies for Conducting Live Streams on Amazon 


Big brands have embraced TikTok’s influence. 
TikTok first appeared in 2019, and it rapidly became one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide. TikTok’s short-form videos and addictive structure made it popular among users of all ages. Brands quickly grasped TikTok’s ability to reach a huge, engaged audience. 

Initially, brands were apprehensive about joining TikTok. They were concerned about the platform’s reputation as predominantly used by Generation Z, as well as the danger of negative PR. However, when TikTok’s popularity grew, marketers started to experiment with it. 

Fashion and beauty firms were among the first to use TikTok. They realised that TikTok was a terrific method to interact with youthful consumers and display their products. 

Amazon Live on the Rise 

In 2019, Amazon introduced Amazon Live, a platform for live shopping where brands and influencers can broadcast product demonstrations, tutorials, and Q&A sessions. Similar to China’s highly successful Taobao Live, Amazon Live aims to create an interactive shopping experience. 

Amazon Live provides a fantastic opportunity for brands to connect with new customers and boost sales. By engaging with potential buyers in real time and addressing their questions, brands can foster a more personal connection. Additionally, Amazon Live is a great tool for building partnerships with influencers and leveraging their social media reach. 

The Emergence of Amazon Live 

Amazon Live was launched to help brands take advantage of the increasing popularity of live shopping, a trend that has seen significant success in China, generating billions in sales. Amazon Live aims to tap into this trend, allowing brands to engage with a broad and active audience.  

The platform has proven beneficial for many brands. For example, L’Oréal used Amazon Live to promote a new mascara, streaming a live demo that garnered over 100,000 views and significantly boosted sales. 

Key Features of Amazon Live 

Live Product Demonstrations and Tutorials 

Brands can present their products in real time, offering live demonstrations that emphasise key features and show how the products can benefit consumers. 

Interactive Q&A Sessions

Influencers and brand representatives can interact directly with viewers through real-time Q&A sessions. This interactive format allows for immediate responses to viewer questions, creating a personalised and informative experience. 

Shoppable Links 

Amazon Live integrates shoppable links within live streams, allowing viewers to purchase products directly on the Amazon platform. This feature makes shopping convenient while watching live content.

Follow Feature 

Viewers can keep up with their favorite brands and influencers using the ‘Follow’ feature. By following, they get notifications about upcoming live streams, building a sense of community and anticipation. 

Amazon Live blends live interaction with e-commerce, enhancing the shopping experience and providing a direct, engaging channel for brands and influencers to connect with their audience in real-time. 

What is Amazon Live Creator? 

Amazon Live Creator is a mobile app enabling brands and influencers to create, manage, and stream live videos on Amazon.com. This free tool is available to Amazon Sellers in the  

Brand Registry, Amazon Vendors with a published store on Amazon’s Advertising Console, and influencers in the Amazon Influencer Program.
With Amazon Live Creator, you can: 

  1. Create and schedule live streams: Plan your live streams ahead of time and schedule them to start at a specific time. 
  2. Add products to your live stream: Include products in your live stream so viewers can buy them directly from Amazon. 
  3. Interact with viewers in real-time: Engage with viewers by answering questions and responding to comments live. 
  4. Track your performance: Use the built-in analytics to monitor how your live streams are performing. 

Amazon Live Creator is a valuable tool for brands and influencers of all sizes, helping to reach a wider audience, drive sales, and build relationships with viewers. 

Benefits of Amazon Live 

Amazon Live provides several advantages for brands. Here are some key benefits: 

Elevated Brand Awareness and Visibility 

Amazon Live is a powerful platform for boosting brand visibility by showcasing products and services to a large and engaged audience on Amazon.com. The live format helps brands capture potential customers’ attention, thereby increasing brand awareness. 

Deeper Product Understanding and Enhanced Customer Engagement 

Brands can use live product demonstrations, tutorials, and interactive Q&A sessions to offer viewers a thorough understanding of their products. Real-time interactions allow brands to answer questions, provide detailed information, and give personalized recommendations, creating a more engaging and informative shopping experience. 

Direct Impact on Sales and Revenue 

Amazon Live offers more than traditional advertising by enabling direct sales. Viewers can make purchases seamlessly while watching the live stream, converting engagement into immediate sales and revenue.

Improved Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty 

The real-time interaction on Amazon Live allows brands to connect directly with customers. This personalized support during live streams enhances customer experiences, leading to higher satisfaction, increased brand loyalty, and repeat purchases as customers feel more connected and supported in their buying journey. 

Useful Insights from Live Stream Analytics 

Amazon Live provides marketers with cutting-edge analytics solutions that provide critical information on viewer demographics, interests, and spending habits. This essential information enables organisations to obtain a thorough insight of client preferences, allowing them to fine-tune their marketing tactics and product offers to better suit their target demographic. 
In a word, Amazon Live increases brand visibility while simultaneously creating huge prospects for customer engagement, revenue growth, and data-driven strategic decision-making. 

Eligibility for Amazon Live depends on your employment within the Amazon ecosystem. 
Amazon merchants: Professional merchants registered with the Amazon Brand Registry can utilise Amazon Live Creator to create and manage live streams.  
Amazon Vendors: Amazon Live Creator allows vendors to create and manage live streams for their stores that are published on Amazon’s Advertising Console.  
Influencers: Members of the Amazon Influencer Programme can engage with businesses to participate in Amazon Live streaming.

Amazon Live Levels for Influencers  

Amazon Live Levels for Influencers is a tiered structure that compensates influencers for their involvement and success on the platform. When influencers hit specific milestones, they can advance to higher levels and receive extra perks such as more visibility, larger commission rates, and access to special opportunities.

Rising Star 

The Rising Star level is the starting point for all influencers on Amazon Live. This stage is designed for influencers to establish their presence, develop their content strategy, and build their audience on the platform. 

Benefits of the Rising Star Level: 

  1. Stream using Amazon Live Creator: Rising Stars can create, manage, and schedule live streams using the Amazon Live Creator app. 
  2. Earn commissions through live stream links: By sharing links to live streams from the Amazon Live Creator app, Rising Stars can earn commissions on qualifying purchases made by viewers who click on those links. 
  3. Participate in the Onsite Associates program: Rising Stars are eligible to join Amazon’s Onsite Associates program, allowing them to earn commissions on qualifying purchases made by shoppers who find them on Amazon through their live streams. 
  4. Receive notifications for Amazon followers: Followers of Rising Stars can opt to receive notifications from the Amazon Shopping app when they go live, ensuring they are informed about upcoming live streams and can join in the real-time engagement. 
  5. Gain visibility on Amazon Live site and Influencer Storefront: Live streams by Rising Stars are automatically eligible to appear on the Amazon Live site, both in relevant product category rows and the ‘Live now’ row. Additionally, their live streams can appear on their Influencer Storefront. 


To reach the Insider level, influencers must meet specific performance benchmarks, demonstrating their ability to engage viewers, generate sales, and maintain a consistent presence on Amazon Live. 

Benefits of the Insider Level: 

  1. Continued Rising Star benefits: Insiders retain all the benefits of the Rising Star level. 
  2. Top of page placement on Amazon.com/Live: Insider live streams are eligible to automatically play in the top of page placement on Amazon.com/Live, increasing their visibility and potential viewership. 
  3. Product detail page visibility for featured products: Influencer live streams by Insiders are eligible to appear on the product detail pages for the first 10 products featured in the Amazon Live product carousel. 


The A-List is the pinnacle of achievement for Amazon Live influencers. This tier is reserved for users that have repeatedly exhibited outstanding performance, engagement, and influence on the platform. 

Advantages of the A-List Level:  

A-List influencers continue to receive all of the privileges of the Rising Star and Insider levels.
Enhanced exposure and placements: A-List live streams are featured prominently on Amazon.com, including the homepage.  
A-List influencers get the highest commission rates on sales made through their live streams.

Exclusive chances and partnerships:

A-List influencers are given exclusive access to work with leading brands and cooperate on high-profile campaigns on Amazon.

Influencers who progress through the Amazon Live Levels for Influencers can get more visibility, earning potential, and possibilities to engage with Amazon’s premier brands. This tiered approach incentivizes influencers to continuously offer high-quality content, engage with their audiences, and drive sales, all of which contribute to the Amazon Live platform’s overall success.  
Guidelines for streaming on Amazon Live 

Here’s a step-by-step guide for streaming on Amazon Live:  

Set up your streaming equipment.  
Before you begin streaming, make sure you have the appropriate equipment to provide a high-quality live feed. This includes:
A strong and trustworthy internet link.  
A top-notch camera with crisp video recording capabilities. 
A top-notch microphone to ensure crisp audio.  
Sufficient lighting to suitably illuminate your streaming space.

Make an account as a merchant or seller.  
Create an Amazon Seller or Vendor account if you haven’t already. This will enable you to determine prices, handle client orders, and maintain your inventory and products.  
Participate in the Amazon Influencer Network.  
You must first register for the Amazon Influencer Programme in order to stream on Amazon Live as an influencer. With the help of this programme, you can advertise goods and get paid commissions for sales that result from your live broadcast. 

Choose the Brand You Wish to Represent 
If you have multiple brands or products, pick the brand you want to highlight during your live stream. This will help viewers understand the focus of your stream and the products you’ll be showcasing. 

Select Your Streaming Source 
Decide whether you’ll be streaming using your phone’s camera or an external camera. If opting for an external camera, you’ll need to use broadcasting software to connect it to Amazon Live Creator. 

Add Products to Your Product Carousel 
Include the products you plan to feature during your live stream in the product carousel. This allows viewers to easily view the products and make purchases directly from the live stream. 

Guidelines for Streaming on Amazon Live

Choose a Stream Title 
Select a clear and captivating title for your live stream that accurately portrays the products you’ll be showcasing and the content you’ll be sharing. 

Benefits of Amazon Live 

Schedule Your Live Stream (Optional) 
If you prefer, you can schedule your live stream for a specific time in advance using the Amazon Live Creator App. This enables you to promote your stream beforehand and generate excitement among your audience. 

Start Your Live Stream 
When you’re ready to begin, simply click the “Start Streaming” button in the Amazon Live Creator App. Your live stream will kick off, broadcasting directly to Amazon.com, where viewers can tune in and participate. 

Engage with Viewers 
Interact with your audience during the live stream by addressing their questions, responding to comments, and acknowledging their feedback. This interaction helps foster a connection with your audience and enhances the overall engagement of your live stream. 

Promote Your Live Stream 
Spread the word about your live stream by sharing the link on social media, your website, and through email campaigns. Promotional efforts like these help attract viewers and expand your audience reach.

Track Your Performance 

Utilize the analytics provided by Amazon Live Creator to monitor your live stream’s performance. Keep an eye on metrics such as viewership, engagement levels, and sales generated. This data will guide you in refining your approach and optimizing future live streams. 

Best Strategies for Conducting Live Streams on Amazon 

Amazon Live presents a valuable opportunity for businesses to engage with potential customers and drive sales. Here are some effective strategies to make the most out of your live streams: 

Planning and Preparation 

Define your content: Ensure your live stream content aligns with your target audience’s interests and your brand identity. Whether it’s product demonstrations, testimonials, or behind-the-scenes insights, plan content that resonates with your viewers. 

Promote your stream: Generate excitement around your live stream by promoting it across various channels, utilizing compelling visuals and engaging messaging. 

Timing is key: Schedule your live stream at times that accommodate your audience’s availability, considering different time zones and daily routines to maximize viewership. 

Technical Configuration  

Make sure the audio and video are of the highest calibre: Use a good camera and microphone to record crisp images and captivating sounds. If necessary, think about making investments in soundproofing and illumination to improve production quality. 
Check your configuration in advance: Learn how to use the streaming software or the Amazon Live Creator app. Before going live, do a test stream to make sure everything works as it should and to troubleshoot any potential difficulties.  

Keep your online connection steady: To avoid buffering or other connectivity issues, make sure your internet connection is dependable. Make sure the internet is stable and fast before you go. 

During the livestream  

Be engaging and interactive: Greet viewers politely, introduce yourself, and promote participation by replying to comments and questions in real time. Organise Q&A sessions and polls to keep the audience interested. 
Showcase your items and brand effectively. Use demos, tutorials, and narrative to emphasise the product’s capabilities and benefits. To connect with your target audience, emphasise your brand’s unique selling qualities.  

Provide exclusive offers and promotions: Create a sense of urgency by offering unique bargains or limited-time promos during the live stream to encourage rapid sales.  
Call to Action: Finish the live stream by inviting people to visit your store, follow your brand, or make a purchase. Provide clear directions to help people take action.

After-Livestream Check-In  

Examine your performance: To determine viewership, engagement, and conversion rates, review the livestream data. Determine what needs to be improved, and hone tactics for upcoming streams. 
Distribute your stream that you recorded: Repurpose live stream content to draw in more users by posting it on websites, social media, and other platforms.  

Take care of your audience:
After the stream, interact with viewers by responding to their questions and comments and encouraging a sense of community. Inform them about future promotions and streaming.


Amazon Live provides a dynamic platform for companies to communicate with audiences in real time, promoting items and increasing engagement. It’s not just about selling; it’s about generating buzz and leaving a lasting impact. If you’re looking to increase your brand’s visibility and interact with your audience in a meaningful way, Amazon Live is the game changer you need. It’s more than just a tool; it’s a strategic advantage for firms looking to differentiate themselves in the competitive internet marketplace. 


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