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Amazon Advertising Management

Maximise your Visibility to Boost Sales

What’s Included in our Amazon Advertising Management Service?

Expert campaign creation, keyword and ASIN optimisation, strategic category analysis, and focused ACOS management, all designed to boost sales and elevate brand awareness

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Managing ACOS Goal

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Our Process

Step 01

Analyse and Optimise Existing Campaigns For existing campaigns, we evaluate and enhance current campaigns to increase efficiency and sales

Step 02

Strategic Campaign Development For the new ad campaigns, we craft targeted campaigns based on thorough market and keyword research. As the graphics and videos are curated, we launch the campaign.

Step 03

Performance Monitoring and Optimisation We regularly monitor the performance of the campaign both for the existing ones and the new launches, and refine the campaign elements accordingly

Step 04

Monthly Reporting We provide detailed insights and progress updates of the campaign every month for transparency and planning

Software and Tools We Use


Frequently asked questions

ACOS, or Advertising Cost of Sales, is a metric used to measure the efficiency of any Amazon advertising campaign. It represents the ratio of ad spend to targeted sales and is calculated as (Ad Spend ÷ Sales) x 100. A lower ACOS implies you are spending less on advertising for each dollar of revenue generated, which is crucial for maximising profits.

Export Accelerator specialises in optimising Amazon advertising campaigns to achieve a balanced ACOS. We focus on strategic keyword selection, bid management, and continuous campaign assessment to ensure your ads reach the most relevant audience. By enhancing ad relevancy and targeting precision, our main aim is to drive more sales with less ad spend.

Automatic campaigns are where Amazon chooses keywords and placements for your ads based on the product information, while in manual campaigns, you select your own keywords and set bids. Picking one over the other is not plausible as each one has its own set of advantages. Automatic campaigns can be great for discovering new keywords, whereas manual campaigns offer greater control. We typically recommend a combined strategy to leverage the strengths of both.

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