Amazon Ad Campaign Management

Competing to bring your product in front of the target audience requires more than just an aggressive SEO strategy – a high performing advertising strategy that not just boosts your product sales momentarily but builds a sustainable, long term process to keep winning against the competition.

The list of tools and services that help you get started with Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is endless, and many can even get you going. But what then? In our experience, we’ve learned, it’s not about running these ads or promotions in silos but in coherence with each other and most importantly, in accordance to a long-term plan rather than the ‘all out’ approach that most sellers opt for.

The key to being successful at your PPC strategy is not limited to identify the right set of tools or platforms alone. Almost every tool or platform gets the basics done but what really drives success is the ability to learn and adapt to consumer demand signals AND identifying success for your brand or products.