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Export Accelerator is an independent marketing consulting practice, based on the Gold Coast, Australia, with a global team.

Our line of expertise is in omni-channel eCommerce strategy, marketplaces, digital media, and marketing technology, which are delivered through structured retained services.


We solve global Ecommerce expansion problems for small to medium-sized brands, retailers, and resellers by working both ON and IN their business. From developing strategic marketing plans aligned to meet the growth projections of the company, implementing marketing platforms to drive a data-driven approach, and managing or executing daily marketing, digital media, or Amazon account management tasks.

With a global team of subject matter experts, Export Accelerator helps clients make smarter decisions to do better online and win at cross-border commerce.

Say = Do​

It isn’t what we think or say that defines us, but what we do. All of us at Export Accelerator strongly believe that credibility and trust are the cornerstones of long partnerships with our clients and our colleagues. To do this, we need to start by doing what we say, we will do. Our clients are encouraged to pull us up and call a foul if we do not stick to this fundamental value.

Being Humble

Being humble, to us, means recognising that we are not here to emphasise our skills and credentials to our staff and clients. We would rather take pride in adding value to our daily interactions with each other. We make a conscious effort to subdue any misplaced pride about what we bring to the people we interact with and let our work and interactions speak for themselves.

Being Remarkable

We are fanatical about leaving lasting impressions in our interactions with our staff and clients. We’d like to think that these impressions morph into positive feedback and drives loyalty. By going above the norm and putting more heart into what we say, do, and offer.

Meet our Founder

Raj de Souza is an authority on Data-Driven Marketing – enabling small to medium-sized businesses across Australia, Europe, and the US acquire, retain, and grow their customers.

His expertise and experience in building omnichannel eCommerce strategies, marketplace intelligence, digital media, and marketing technology have helped solve global eCommerce expansion problems for brands and retailers. With a global team of subject matter experts, his firm Export Accelerator helps its clients make smarter decisions to do better online and win at cross-border eCommerce.

Raj speaks extensively at Business Week Forums, Government-led workshops and conferences and has recently been recognised as the Queensland finalist for Australia’s 2020 Chief Marketing Officer of the Year award by the Australian Marketing Institute.

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At Export Accelerator, we believe that true joy lies in the act of giving and empowering those around us. The genesis of this thought was driven by our founder’s philosophy, ‘To add joy with no expectations’ by contributing through any medium, time, skill, idea initiation, or money.

Inspired by this philosophy, each year, all staff at Export Accelerator are also offered a ‘Pay-it-forward’ bonus to celebrate key company milestones and events. This monetary sum is disbursed to all staff to do as they please. Almost always, we’ve heard that our staff donate this bonus towards a cause they support or offer it to those experiencing financial hardship.

It is our small contribution towards creating a ripple of kindness and generosity in the community we live in.