People are buying on Amazon more than ever. In fact, a whopping 43 percent of online sales in the United States take place with Amazon.

What this means is that if you want a piece of the eCommerce pie, you need to make sure that your products are right for Amazon.

You’ll want to look into Amazon online shopping, its potential, and your own business in order to figure out the strategy that will work.

With this in mind, let’s explore some points below that will be useful to you.

Finding Out If Your Products Are Right For Amazon

To be certain that you’re putting your business ventures in a place to succeed, you’ll need to assess your brand and see what you can offer.

Studying trends are crucial and help you stay in front of the curve when it comes to selling your products on Amazon online shopping platforms.

You can start by assessing these potential winners.

1: Cleaning Products

One of the biggest factors to consider when selling Amazon products is to list items that are necessities.

Everyone needs to clean.

You can make some serious money on Amazon by purchasing high-quality cleaning products, such as cleaning brushes, soaps and solutions, flexible mops, sponges and automobile cleaning products.

When you list your cleaning products, always make sure that they are durable and heavy duty.

The last thing you would want is to sell subpar cleaning products that will garner bad reviews from frustrated customers. Focus on profits, but always list items that you’d be proud to use on your own.

2: Toys

If you’re looking to make serious profits on Amazon, look into toys — especially in the fourth quarter.

Amazon sellers make monumental products selling toys in the fourth quarter due to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and overall Christmas shopping.

Toy sales are so huge, that Amazon restricts sellers from selling them during the fourth quarter unless they are consistent sellers that do quality business throughout the rest of the calendar year.

3: Books

It’s hard to believe that Amazon had humble beginnings as a fledgling online bookselling company.

Those humble beginnings pale in comparison to the $136 billion that Amazon earned in sales in 2016.

You can rake in profits of your own to this day by selling books on Amazon online shopping platforms. Your best bet is to veer toward non-fiction books — textbooks in particular.

One of the best ways to go about this is to roll up your sleeves and go thrifting.

It would shock you to learn how many books are going for $50 or more, that can be found for a dollar or two in a thrift store. The more that you source your books, the more familiarity you’ll have with what the market dictates.

Many people have built large online businesses simply by purchasing books low and selling them high on Amazon.

Since selling books requires so many listings, be sure that you work with a marketplace listing and optimization company that can help you out.

4: Digital Products

We live in a touchless world, more than ever.

While physical products are still in demand, the big money with Amazon online shopping takes place on its digital marketplaces.

You can put together eBooks, audiobooks and other digital products that people can download on their tablets, computers, and smartphones.

When putting together digital products, make sure that you’re focusing on providing value to your customers, first and foremost. Take the time to carve out your brand and start selling these valuable products to customers on Amazon online shopping platforms.

For instance, if you’re a health and fitness expert, you can draw in views on YouTube, giving away free workout and nutrition info. From there, you can put together eBooks, audiobooks, and courses that you can sell on Amazon.

This is a huge source of passive income, which is the true way to grow your revenue.

With Amazon online shopping platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Kindle Unlimited and Audible available, you’ll want to throw your ring in the hat.

5: Jewelry

Always take the time to learn what people are wearing, so that you can stay on top of trends.

Amazon online shopping today allows people to know their sizes and styles, and buy whatever they need. Since many people utilize Amazon Prime shipping, they’ll get it to their doorsteps as quickly as possible.

6: Health And Beauty Products

To really provide value, focus on some health and beauty products that people will want to use consistently.

You can look into items that have staples such as coconut oil and shea butter, and sell them at fair prices to Amazon online shopping customers.

If you want to set yourself apart from the rest, private label is big business on Amazon. You’ll put your own offering into the marketplace in a way that sets your brand apart and brings in loyal shoppers.

7: Exercise Clothing

With everyone trying to shake off the pounds, athleisure wear is big business.

People don’t just want to workout, they want to feel comfortable and look great at the same time.

Specialize in clothing types and brands that people would want to be seen wearing on Snapchat and Instagram.

Look into various styles, materials and color schemes until you find some winners that people would wear in and out of the gym.

8: Baby Products

The sale of baby products is an industry worth more than $10 billion.

It only makes sense, because people have babies every day, and new parents will always want to stock up on the best supplies for this new stage in life.

You’ll grow your online shopping inventory and provide value at the same time when you specialize in the highest quality baby products. Getting ungated to sell baby products lets you deal everything from bibs and toys to baby bottles and monitors.

By growing a large inventory of these products you’ll have constant revenue from parents looking to take care of their bundles of joy.

Do Business With A Company That Can Help You

Make sure that you double down on your Amazon online shopping sales strategies by hiring a company that can help.

You’ll be able to optimise your listings and get your products more visibility.

Follow these strategies above and contact a sales strategy company that can help you out.