Thanks to the internet, the world is growing closer together than ever before in history. This is fantastic news if you own a business, but it also means learning new strategies.

While you may know how to market to an Australian audience, marketing to a global audience can be quite different. A global business needs to understand how to market to different cultures and languages.

However, by implementing these five tips, your Australian business can easily boost global sales. You’d better hurry though, because, by 2020, it’s estimated that 50% of customers will make purchases worldwide. You don’t want to miss out.

1. Global Sales Can Skyrocket When You Focus on Localising Your Business

To have an effective global sales strategy, you have to become a local in every market. That’s because not every market has the same interests or likes. You might find that selling Vegemite in Australia means you can’t keep the product on your shelves, but to an American audience, you’re better off trying to sell peanut butter.

If you’re marketing your products in Russia via social media, it’s best to use VKontakte rather than Facebook, as it’s their number one social media outlet.

Before you enter the global sales market, figure out which countries you’re beginning to target. Then learn about who they are, how they think, and what they like. Then you can add a proper product listingthat will ensure an increase in sales.

2. Learn About and Incorporate Other Cultures Into Your Marketing Campaigns

Not all cultures have the same customs. If you don’t understand the local cultures, your business could end up losing a lot of sales.

If you’re trying to sell shoes in an Arab country, you wouldn’t think of showing the soles of the model’s feet because it’s a sign of disrespect.

You can also just confuse your target market, like when Proctor and Gamble tried to introduce Pampers into a Japanese market using an image of a stork bringing a baby to its parents.

Seems like a cute marketing idea, except, in Japanese folklore, babies are brought to their parents by a giant floating peach. So before you start a global sales campaign, learn about the countries culture first.

3. Branding Your Business Helps Global Sales Increase

Think of the Coca-Cola logo. Even though it’s an American company, everyone, everywhere knows what their logo looks like and what Coca-Cola is. That’s because they’ve done an excellent job of branding themselves.

Branding is hugely important to any business looking to boost global sales. Branding will help your business look bigger, even when you’re just starting out. Branding also builds credibility and recognition. The more times people see your logo, the more they will relate to your brand and begin to trust your company. Trust brings in sales.

The more times people see your logo, the more they will relate to your brand and begin to trust your company. Trust brings in sales.

Before you brand, think of your brand as a person. Think of what they represent, what their values and morals are. Think of how will that brand connect with the world at large. Use colours that are memorable, along with a font and image people will remember.

Don’t forget that branding is a way to build consistency. So your brand should be the same in every country. Be bold and daring with your branding because you want to stand apart from an increasingly crowded global market.

Branding is an extremely effective way to build a global audience and increase sales through word-of-mouth marketing. When people start to recognise your brand, they’ll tell their friends and family about it, so don’t wait, start branding your business now.

4. Implement Video Marketing

Videos are becoming more popular every day and it’s a highly effective marketing tool. In fact, one billion hours of video are watched on YouTube alone every single day.

You can easily create how-to videos, instruction videos, and even videos for entertainment purposes. It’s also easier than ever to create your own videos and upload them using your smartphone.

If you’re striving for global sales, one effective way of using videos is to obtain video testimonials from customers coming from different countries. It shows your products and services have a place in the global community and can bring in a lot of potential customers.

Just make sure everyone can understand what the video is saying. It’s easy enough to use a translation tool to ensure everyone can enjoy and learn from the testimonial. Also, making sure everyone can understand the video will actually increase the likelihood of sales up to a whopping 75%.

5. Learn How to Communicate With a Global Community

Having your marketing campaign get lost in translation can cost you a lot of business. In 2009, HSBC created a marketing campaign that said, “Assume nothing” in English. Unfortunately, it translated into, “Do nothing” in many other languages.

Not exactly the message HSBC was going for. Another prime example of poor translation comes from American chain restaurant KFC’s, “Finger-lickin’ good” campaign which was translated into, “Eat your fingers off” in Chinese.

While these translations are fairly hilarious, the businesses who gaffed by not having the translations checked before they went ahead with the marketing campaign probably didn’t find it funny. They merely found it to be an expensive mistake they had to immediately fix.

Launch Your Global Campaign

So do a little bit of homework before you enter into a new culture and language because it will help you prevent costly mistakes. This includes when you do SEO for your website. The language you use can make a huge difference in how successful your business is in the global community.

Of course, getting support from a company who knows exactly how to sell to a global community will help your business grow quickly. You’ll also be growing your business the right way and avoid commonly made mistakes. To join the global community and boost sales, contact us today!